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Conformal Coatings

Ellsworth Adhesives is the world's largest distributor of conformal coatings. Representing major suppliers including Humiseal, Henkel,Loctite,Cytec, we can help you choose the right technology for your application. Whether you want a silicone, epoxy,urethane, UV, or acrylic coating or if you want to utilize selective spray,spray, brush or dip application methods, we have a product to meet your requirements.

 All Conformal Coatings Products

Part# Name Manaufacturer Capacity List Price

UV50LV UV50LV acrylated polyurethane conformal coating Humiseal Enquiry

UV500 HumiSeal® UV500 elastomeric acrylate conformal coating Humiseal Enquiry

UV-7993 500 GM/32 OZ JAR Emerson and Cuming Eccocoat UV 7993 32oz Yellow Emerson&Cuming 32OZ Enquiry

UV7993 GALLON Emerson and Cuming Eccocoat UV 7993 Gallon Yellow Emerson&Cuming Gallon Enquiry

UV7993 PL Emerson and Cuming ECCOCOAT UV 7993 Emerson&Cuming 5 Gallon Enquiry

EC-210 PART B GALLON Emerson and Cuming ECCOCOAT EC 210 Part B Emerson&Cuming 1 GALLON Enquiry

EC-210 PART A GALLON Emerson and Cuming ECCOCOAT EC 210 Part A Emerson&Cuming 1 GALLON Enquiry

3145 305ML CLR MIL-A-46146 Dow Corning 3145 Silicone Adhesive Dow Corning 305ML Enquiry

DA 6524 ADHESIVE(US) 36G Dow Corning DA 6524 Conductive Adhesive 36g Gray Dow Corning 36g Enquiry

Q3-6696 OPT FIB 175ML Dow Corning Q3-6696 Cable Coating 175ml Transparent Dow Corning 175ml Enquiry

HC 1000 GRAY 330ML CRT Dow Corning HC 1000 330ml Grey Dow Corning 330ml Enquiry

94-003 3.6KG Dow Corning 94-003 Coating 3.6kg Buff Dow Corning 3.6kg Enquiry

3-1944 RTV COATING 305ML Dow Corning 3-1944 RTV 305ml Translucent Dow Corning 305ml Enquiry

3-1944 RTV COATING 3.6KG Dow Corning 3-1944 RTV 3.6kg Translucent Dow Corning 3.6KG Enquiry

3-1944 RTV COATING 18.1KG Dow Corning 3-1944 RTV 18.1kg Translucent Dow Corning